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[W.I.P pt.2] Hetalia: Interacting Dating Game by xXKikaru-ChanXx [W.I.P pt.2] Hetalia: Interacting Dating Game by xXKikaru-ChanXx
Omg I love how it came out! It took a few hours to put it together with all the complicated scripting and stuff..


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Please Read

I Uploaded a few more preview screenshots from the game so you can get a better idea since last was kinda thrown together. ^^;

:bulletred:I fixed several bugs at the beginning of the game when you are introduced. I also imported some really cool transitions for the characters to make them appear more lively and there. Same for the background transitions.
:bulletred:I inserted a AP bar (Affection Points). This allows you to grow closer to your selected character. While with your date, You will be able to click the 'Show Affection Points' button allowing you to view it. Depending on how you talk and interact with him, His affection for you might drop or rise. You can check this daily.
:bulletred:I INCLUDED STATS!!! (This scripting was long and irritating..You better be happy with it.) Like a dating sim, Once a day or so, you are able to check your stats.
Your Stats are:
and Beauty

And again, depending on what you choose to do, you can increase your stat level. Like 'Put on Make up' Will increase your beauty +5 Bp(Beauty Points) or 'Train and Work out' will increase your strength +5 Sp (Strength Points). Get it? :3
When you first start the game, your default stats will be 15/100 for all of them.
Soon to be Added:
:bulletpurple: A clock system, allowing you to see the Date,Time,etc. Hopefully a corner button or on screen (This script is long as well, it might take a while.)
:bulletpurple: Hopefully a better edited Prefs menu. The one set right now is very basic, and I want it to match the theme of the game as close as possible.
:bulletpurple: Blink_Lip_Flap Which enables the characters to actually blink and move their mouths while they are still or talking. This is a very awesome feature and I hope to use this. But there is probably little chance due to how far I am in the game already. I would have to edit the characters facials over again which is a painful process with the code.

I might add some more editing features with this and make this game really hardcore!! Like I said earlier, I want this game to be worth the wait you guys. So those of you who keep asking when its going to be out, I CAN'T PROMISE YOU, But I HOPE to have it done by early February. Take note of that. Creating a game Is very time consuming. Please use your patience. Thank you. :meow:

I Might post another W.I.P if i am able to, of the soon to be added. I know.. there might be a lot of wips before release, but I want to share with you guys what I have gotten down so far!!
So again thank you and hopefully I can update a.s.a.p.
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January 8, 2013
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